Based on buckwheat and chia seeds...

CONICET researchers have created a gluten-free flour based on buckwheat and chia seeds with high nutritional properties, designed for individuals with celiac disease and those who choose to avoid gluten.

In recent times, gluten-free diets have gained more and more consumers. While the market includes people with celiac disease, it is also embraced by those who, without experiencing gastrointestinal consequences, suffer from an intolerance to the same ingredient that causes discomfort.

The inclusion of buckwheat in the creation of this flour is due to its nutritional properties, including a high content of proteins such as lysine, a significant amount of dietary fiber, and other antioxidant components. Additionally, the inclusion of chia was motivated by the numerous beneficial properties it contains, and the fact that the seed is produced in the country.

Once the researchers selected the materials to work with, they created eight premixes based on buckwheat flour, including both white and whole-grain varieties.


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